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About Wendy Varidel Photographics...

About me…

Photography is my passion. I’m that person who always seems to be lugging a camera around. Some-times it’s just my happy snapper, looking for some fun. Sometimes it’s my 3.2-tonne DSLR combo with some serious intentions. It’s big, heavy and awkward, but the photos it takes are amazing!

I have been taking photographs for as long as I can remember – it’s more than 25 years since mum and dad gave me my first “serious” camera – a Minolta SLR. I’ve been crunching that shutter button ever since. My cameras have changed (considerably!), but my love of the chase for “that moment” is still there.

I love photographing those little moments. Fun, love, happiness, that instant of deep thoughtfulness when mood, light, and context meld…that moment.

But that moment doesn’t just “happen”. There’s no way you can coax a relaxed, natural photo from a subject who’s worried about being photographed. The solution? Have some fun. It’s not serious business; we’re just taking some photographs, not trying to broker the latest nuclear non-proliferation treaty!

So relax, have a great time, delete the stress and we’ll capture some great memories…

About Wendy Varidel Photographics

Wendy Varidel Photographics set out it’s shingle in 2006, and since then I’ve been kept busy photographing people, places, products, bugs, grubs and bubs all over south-east Queensland.

Thank you to all of those people who’ve supported my business over the past five years. We’ve had a great time and you’ve got some beautiful images to prove it!