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Beware the degraded JPEG

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No loss - use a TIFF!
I’ve been out and about this year doing lots of different types of photography including Weddings, architectural photography, portraits and still photography for business advertising just to name a few. One thing I have really been pleased to know is how to save an image so no quality is lost.

A lot of us take our images in either RAW or JPEG and then proceed to Photoshop to enhance the images but I’m not sure how many people know that each time you open and tweak an image in JPEG and save it, you are losing data as the image compresses. This doesn’t just happen once. It happens again and again every time you edit and save the file, so over time the quality of the image gets progressively poorer and poorer. And once the data it’s gone, it’s gone forever – it’s irretrievable!

So what to do?? Well, as it happens, the solution is simple - the best way to avoid this problem is to save your image as a TIFF file once you have adjusted it. Then your precious image is safe forever!

Voila! My new all-singing, all-dancing website!

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The way it was...our old site...
Welcome to my new Photography website.

So much has changed since the beginning of Wendy Varidel Photographics that we thought it was time to bring the website up to date with rest of the business.

When WVP first started out we had just had our third little fairy join our family and life was travelling at a great pace. New baby, new business just to name a few. Now, five years on, when I didn’t think life could get much busier, all I can say is don’t fool yourself, it certainly can. I am taking more photos than ever and it is a real satisfying feeling for me to be able to hand over images to folk and know that those photos have captured a time in their lives that will never be repeated.

I know we are all in the same boat with busy lives and busy kids but don’t forget to take loads of photos because before you know it the moment has passed and you can never get that time back. Then you need to call me so I can photograph all of you instead of mum or dad always being behind the camera. Or if you have some bugs or flowers that need photographing, I can do that too!

Finally I must give all of the credit for this website to the Mickster as he has built it completely and I am sure you will agree he has done an amazing job. It only took him 5 years, anyone would think he had his own business and worked 60 hours a week on that!

Thanks Mick, you’re the best!